The allure of a formal invitation begins with the envelope. Fancy Letters offers modern envelope addressing in which you can expect uncompromising accuracy on every guest envelope and an amazing array of font choices, motifs, colors, formats, and layouts. We make it so easy! Let Linda share her years of experience on etiquette, font selection, color coordination. She can also create your beautifully addressed envelopes, while making the process easy and seamless. You provide the guest list on a spreadsheet or Word document and we will take care of the rest.

We address outer or inner envelopes (or both!), personalize your place cards, and print response cards with return address. Unlike many other calligraphy services that have many limitations, we also can handle some tricky situations. We can

  • print light ink on dark colors
  • print on thick, already lined envelopes
  • print on metallic and shiny papers
  • print on long vertical envelopes

All efforts are made to match the color and font of the envelopes to the color and font of the invitations.

Our calligraphy services are available to customers who may have already ordered their invitations. Not only can we address your envelopes but we can assemble, stuff, seal, stamp and mail your invitations.


We have flexible hours including evenings and weekends. To make an appointment to look at invitation and calligraphy options or to request further information click here.